What’s your color?

Today, at work, the commercial marketing group and myself took a “Color Personality” course together.  The purpose of this course was to discover each of our personalities and the best way to communicate with each other.  Research has shown that there are four basic personality temperaments.  If you know which color personality you are – you may better understand your professional role, your role in a team, how you react to certain situations, and what you can do to improve your situation.

The colors are Blue, GoldGreen, and Orange.

Blue – a color that has been shown to soothe the central nervous system.It fosters psychological contentment and physical tranquility. Blues experiences emotions intensely and may be sensitive.  They are extremely compassionate people and care a lot about others.  The figure of speech referring to “True Blues” takes on the meaning of friendship, helpers, “there when you need them” individuals that will go the extra miles for others. Blues make amazing, lifelong friends.

Gold – a color with many metaphors associated with it.  Common phrases like, “Good as Gold,” which represents value, stability, and strength.  The expression “Solid Gold work ethic” brings to mind an image of someone who is very responsive, organized, punctual, and fulfills their obligations.  Golds are thorough and efficient.  They set a golden standard which they strive to achieve.  Golds have a high work ethic.

Green – a color which expresses logic – the system of existence and the abundance of this color in nature.  Greens are concerned with the world’s challenges. Psychological research has shown the the color Green has a calming effect and many Greens demonstrate a composed demeaner using mind over emotion.  They are normally, highly intellectual and full of information.

Orange – a color often used to promote action, motivation, excitement.  Oranges urge you to pay attention to them.  They believe in seizing the moment and often make quick decisions.  They immediately want to take on new opportunities. Oranges encourage a playful atmosphere of activity and movement. Think of the flash of fire, shimmer of sparkles on the fourth of July or the flame of a match – hot and dazzling.

My color was Gold, with Blue and Green tied as a close second. However, I’m sure some of my friends would argue that I tend to be an Orange at times as well.  Each of these colors have their positives and negatives. For me, being a Gold, I usually don’t react well to change.  I need to slowly adapt to it. However, I will thrive to make it a part of my daily, structured, well-thought-out routine, for I understand that change is inevitable and necessary in certain situations.

So which color are you? Feel free to write me or message me what you think! I can provide you with other information of your color.

Unsure? Send me a list of some adjectives which describe you, and I’ll provide you with an answer.

Rachel Speiser


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