Decisions, decisions

I am a highly indecisive person. It takes me quite some time to make any decision, big or small.  Mostly because, I put a lot of thought into most things I do.  I’m terrified of the consequences of making a bad decision, since, you have almost every chance to avoid them.

Recently, I had to decide.

My thought process consisted of looking at the matter from the bigger picture, and how important the choice was.  I determined that the preferred outcome was too risky, and I didn’t want to lose this person as a friend.

Our emotions can make us do some crazy things.  They guide us.  Emotions bring what we want to mind, and what we don’t.  However, that doesn’t mean we should always follow them, or that they’re always right.

With this decision, I don’t know if I made the right choice, and I won’t ever know.  

But I decided. 

I believe this is best. For, if it were really meant to happen, I wouldn’t have had to decide, the decision would have been clear.

Rachel Speiser


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