First Days

A while back I experienced my first day as a Marketing Student for Daktronics.  In the very beginning, I knew I was going to enjoy this position and the people I will work with.  The first day of anything is tough. It felt like I had so much ahead of me, and it still feels that way. I’m excited to learn and gain actual experience. I’ve already gotten a quite a few projects assigned to me, and it’s only been a month.

First days are like jumping into a body of water. It’s all unknown. What will come ahead. It moves so fast. It feels like falling. Eventually, you sink down into the water, as you let it engulf you. You sink farther and farther into the deep. You are underwater. You will either drown or swim. Chances are, you will swim. Some how you will float to the top and survive. It won’t feel as if you’re trying, it will seem instantaneous. You will already be swimming before you know it…as you await the next time you take the great plunge into another great body of water.

Rachel Speiser


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