Lately, it seems that I’ve fallen into quite the routine.  Each day is becoming more and more predictable than the last.  I’m comfortable at my job and with my class projects.   Each weekend is turning into the same.

 So basically, I’m bored. I’m so, so bored.

 I need to challenge myself more.  Also, I haven’t travelled in a while.  When I originally attended college, I went to the University of Minnesota – Twin Cites campus.  I spent one semester there before transferring to South Dakota State University.  I met so many amazing people in Minneapolis.  We shared some great memories together. 

 While I was there, I definitely stepped out of my comfort zone more.  One weekend, we went salsa dancing.  It was a blast!  I’m not the most graceful person ever…or the best dancer…but I had so much fun.  Another weekend, we snuck into a plus 21 bar (shhh, don’t tell anyone) to see a local band we all enjoyed.  I was so scared, but I did it!  Yet another weekend, I went on a long bike ride late at night around St. Paul and Minneapolis.  I rode with my dear friend, Maria, through the bike trails at 3:00am.

 My roommate and I bought season tickets to the Minnesota Gophers home football games.  We attended almost all of them.  The TCF stadium was always packed with thousands of cheering fans.  It was such a fun environment.

 Also, when I lived in the cities, I couldn’t have my car with me.  I didn’t drive my car for about three and a half months straight.  My transportation methods depended on the bus system.  I would have to leave about a half hour before my classes began, just to make it on time.

 When I was at the U of M campus, I got to witness some amazing architecture and see incredible sites.  I miss it.  Minneapolis is such an inspiring city to live in.  I don’t regret my decision to transfer, since it has brought me closer to my family, my job at Daktronics, and my major.

 Anyways, I think what I need is to visit my friends back in the cities.  It’s been about two years since I’ve seen them.  My closest friend I met there, Tina, is turning 22 on Friday this week.  Maybe it’s time for a road trip!

 I just need a fresh change.  I need to leave of my comfort zone. I need to feel inspired.  I need to step out of this routine.


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