On a Search for an Internship

So, I’m in my fourth year of college.  I’ve had quite the experience so far.  Originally, I went to the University of Minnesota for architecture.  Then after one semester there, I transferred to South Dakota Stat University for architecture.  After spending a year and half in the architecture department, I switched my major to advertising.  I have minors in art, marketing, and graphic design.

It’s been quite the bumpy ride.  Throughout high school, I was so set on majoring in architecture, that I didn’t consider anything else.  I’m good a math.  I love working on art. I put the two of them together and eventually fell in love with architecture.  That major has led me to think about problems in a conceptual manner in order to form together a solution.  I don’t regret anything I learned from my architecture classes.

Here I am now, with about one year into the advertising major at SDSU, and I’m on the prowl for an internship!  I’m searching for one in the Brookings or Sioux Falls area.  Eventually, I would like to find a job in Minneapolis or Chicago, once I graduate.

Currently, I’m working at Daktronics.  I work as a commercial marketing student writer.  My daily tasks vary.  Sometime, I write articles or news releases for the company paper. Sometimes, I do research on the sign industry market and search for possible media contacts.  Sometimes, I get to design layouts for documents, brochures, and other types of print.

I love it.  I can honestly say that I enjoy my job and the people I work with.  Some days are better than others, and some projects are better than others.  All in all, I enjoy it.

Now, I want to experience an internship some where else.  I’m receiving internship credit for my student job at Dak…but I want to see what else is out there.

I have applied for Lawrence and Schiller, Fresh Produce, 9Cloud, and Brookings Radio. Ideally, I want a payed internship.  We’ll see what happens.

Any who, it’s really all I’ve been thinking about lately!  I’ll keep you posted on what happens.  Just thought I would relieve my mind of the many possibilities I’ve been considering for the summer.

Rachel Speiser


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