Find Your Happy Place

This post is for me.  I’m about to create a book about positivity.  The title will be, “Find Your Happy Place.”  Sadly, I’m not doing this in an attempt to make others happy, I’m doing it for a project for my Computer Graphics class.  However, if the book makes you happy, that makes me happy :).

This post will help me develop my thoughts before I begin working in InDesign and Illustrator.

Anyways, our job is to come up with a concept (mine is positivity) and create a how-to sort of book.  The book can be 8 or 12 pages long.  We’re suppose to come up with the copy, graphics, and layouts for the entire book.

Our professor provided us with a process to follow. After you determine your concept, write out your instructions.  Then create sketches of the types of graphics you will use.  After this, come up with a grid idea in order to develop your layout.  Then, finally, the fun part.  Decide on a color scheme.

I want my book to be clean and easy to read. I think I want the colors to be light and not overwhelming.  There definitely needs to be strong balance and consistency throughout my book. Also, the cover needs to look appealing!  I already have my title, so I’ll see where it takes me.

The visual elements I’ll work with the most are alignment, contrast, and balance.

Here are examples of steps I’ve come up with so far:

Step 1 – Smile Often

Step 2 – Exercise

Step 3 – Find Your Hobbies

Step 4 – Express Gratitude

Step 5 – Have A Sense Of Humor

Step 6 – Listen To Music

Step 7 – Stay Connected With Family

Step 8 – Spend Time With Friends

Step 9 – Set Goals & Believe That You Can Achieve Them

That’s a good start so far.  I’m also researching the term “positivity”. I chose this topic because it’s something I truly care about.  Each day, I strive to remain positive.  Some days are tougher than others. I’ve always felt that the way we handle our struggles says a lot about our character.

I like to think I face challenges from an optimistic stand point and with a sense of humor.  I search for that silver lining.  Admittedly, some challenges in life have no silver lining, such as death in a family, but we shouldn’t let that affect our entire life.  There is a time to morn, yes, but there is also a time to move on.

Wow, I get off subject fast.  Okay, back to this book.

Now that I have my instructions done for the most part, I’m going to begin sketching through some other ideas.  Wish me luck!



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