Mad Men Season 6 Premiered on Sunday!


Mad Men, an AMC originated series premiered with episode one from season six on Sunday!  Fans of the show have been awaiting the highly anticipated sixth season, which started off with a two hour long premiere.

If you haven’t had the time to check out this magnificent show, please allow me to provide you with a little background information.  Mad Men is set in the 1960s and follows the mysterious life of Don Draper.  Draper works at Sterling Cooper Draper Price, an advertising agency (originally called Sterling Copper).  He is a creative director who often times becomes entirely separated from reality and experience flashbacks to his life before advertising.

I highly recommend that you watch every season intently.  Honestly, when I began to watch the show, there were a couple episodes I watched over and over again.  The show is filled with layers upon layers of hidden details and important scenes which add to the overall plot –which I refuse to give away!  This is no “spoiler” post.

What the viewer comes to eventually realize is how complicated Draper’s life is.  It’s safe to say he isn’t the most faithful or moral of all men, but there’s a reason for that.  His many scandalous affairs and dark escapades all trigger back to Dick Whitman, Draper’s birth name.  When Draper went by the name of Dick Whitman he lived on a farm.  This was in his early days, far from when he entered the world of advertising.

On the outside, Draper has a beautiful family and an amazing career, but on the inside he holds in a dark secret.

There, that’s all I will say about the show!  This should be enough information for you to begin/continue watching it.  I actually missed the premiere of season 6 so I purchased it on iTunes (worth every penny).  Seasons 1-5 are available on Netflix.  Trust me, this is a show that sinks you in and keeps you wondering what will happen next.  After watching only the first episode of season 6, my curiosity is stronger now more than ever before.


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