I love to write. I love the rush

I love to write.

I love the rush of ideas, dreams, and knowledge that come to mind.  It’s a magical feeling, the feeling of inspiration.  Writing allows me to free my thoughts.  My thoughts pour out of my head and are captured on paper.

When I write, I have to feel in the mood.  Which means, I must explore and discover new subjects to think about.  I need to socialize, relax and read.  After this, I gather my thoughts, apply them to a subject and write.

When I write, I’m happy.  I smile. I’m doing what I love.  I didn’t search for this feeling, it found me.  I believe that writers are born.  We have the power to organize our thoughts and display them for others to see, feel and understand.

When I write, I write with care.  Every sentence, verb, adjective, phrase and word add up to one, whole magnificent spectrum of ideas.  Each separate letter is combined to create a piece of art.

When I write, I do just that….I write.

Rachel Speiser


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