Reflecting on MCOM 220

Throughout the course of my Digital Media class I was asked to keep a blog.  The blog began on Tumblr but was soon transferred to WordPress.  Before I began blogging, I had to choose subjects to focus on.  I’m majoring in advertising at South Dakota State University with minors in art and marketing, plus a graphic design certificate.  Outside of my major I enjoy to read, listen to music, work on art projects and write.

So, I took my interests and created a blog tailored to them.  I also included personal experiences and life lessons.  Throughout the duration of the blog, I faced a couple challenges.  The first was actually adding content to my blog.  Next, I had to feel inspired enough to write and add pictures.  Besides blogging alone, I positioned myself and my content through social media.  Essentially, I branded myself, twitter account, and WordPress blog as one whole body of work.  In addition to my blog posts, I created videos, which I uploaded to YouTube.

How did I stay on top adding content to my blog?  In the beginning, I struggled with this.  I didn’t understand how blogging would benefit me outside of receiving a decent grade for class.  My first couple of posts consisted of introducing who I am and what I like.  Eventually I came to realize how weak my content felt.

Then, I had an idea.  I could utilize my blog to display my portfolio.  I created a second page which consisted solely of graphic design and advertising projects.  After this, I began writing about music and researching existing campaigns.  Eventually, I started to enjoy blogging.  I developed a habit of searching for content to write about.  About every other day I discovered new items to include in my blog.

The new discovers I made took me to innovative and interesting websites.  The information I gained appealed to my major, minors and interests.  Eventually, I became entirely committed to adding exciting, new content to my webpage.

Besides my blog, I developed a Twitter account to promote my blog and interest in advertising.  My ideal career is to become a copywriter at an advertising agency.  This heavily influenced the Twitter accounts I chose to follow.  I follow local and well-known advertising agencies, inspiration accounts, copywriters, graphic designers, famous newspaper companies, and more.

The overall look and feel of my Twitter account expresses my love of writing and designing.  The background image and foreground image correlate together to express contradicting, yet similar ideas.  The background image is a stack of books, and the foreground image is a pile of shredded pieces of paper with words on them.  I chose not to continue this idea to my WordPress blog because I wanted that website to remain clean and focused on my content.

Furthermore, I also created videos of myself or interviews I conducted.  I uploaded these videos to YouTube, saved them on my blog, and tweeted links to them.  Overall, I created four videos.  Each video discussed either my experiences or someone else’s with advertising or graphic design.  Three videos include personal monologues, and two videos include interviews.

Overall, I think my highest moments of success came from the content I included in my blog posts and my tweets.  I chose each new topic with care and consideration.  Also, I think the idea I had of including a separate page solely filled with art projects for my portfolio brought a personal and interesting touch to my blog.  Looking back, if I could change one thing it would be to spend more time creating, filming and editing my videos.  My videos turned out fine, but they could have been better.

All in all, I believe that the future of media will always be changing.  Everything is becoming heavily influenced by a company’s presence digitally and through social media.  The internet has become a cluttered mess of material.  It takes a lot of hard work and diligence to create successful and interesting content that will get noticed.  Today’s younger society expects quality work which has the power to be presented instantaneously.  In order to develop a successful career in advertising, I need to stay on top of new media trends in this never-ending digital environment.


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