The Productivity Purge

So today at work, my mind began to wander. As much as I tried to ignore it, I found myself allowing it to. I read through a couple blogs and came across a new theory, called the Productivity Purge. Albert Einstein practiced this method when he came up with his Theory of Relativity. Let me break it down for you.

Essentially, you divide your ongoing projects into three categories: professional, extracurricular, and personal. Within each category you assign two or three projects you are currently working on. Less is more in this situation. Ideally, the purpose of this plan is to focus as much time and care on each project in order to reach the best results possible.

From 1912 to 1915, Einstein devoted much of his time to developing his Theory of Relativity. Now I’m not saying you should strive to come up with the next revolutionary equation of science wonderment. However, if you’d like to accomplish something in the best way possible, put this system to the test.

For example, I’m experiencing summer break before my last year of college. I work as a writer for the commercial marketing department at Daktronics and as creative director for KSDJ, a student-ran radio station at South Dakota State University. Throughout the summer, I plan on accomplishing as much as I can, while also enjoying myself. I mean, its summer break right? I believe I’ve earned the right to be a little lazy and carefree!

However, I’m the kind of person who can’t stay lazy for long. I need to have a couple of projects and ideas on the back-burner or I’ll go insane. So, here’s how I’ll apply the Productivity Purge to my summer.


Daktronics – Continue to write and work on any necessary projects assigned to me. Create an entire schedule to help the commercial marketing group prepare for the Sales Expo in about four months (I’ll more than likely expand on this ginormous project in another post).

KSDJ – Create designs for posters, t-shirts, and their new logo. Right now, KSDJ is completely changing their entire brand. I’ll also provide assistance with remodeling the station.


Help plan for the annual CBU Summer Picnic at Daktronics.


Take time to read and write on my own. I’m going to need this outlet as a mental break from all my other projects. I’ll also probably attempt other small projects such as organizing my music collection or my closet (I need things to be in order! I have a bit of OCD.)

So there you have it! I have laid out an outline of my summer. Besides the above activities, I want to spend as much time with my family and friends as possible. Feel free to give the Productivity Purge a try! It has really helped me organize my thoughts and put my mind at ease.

To read more about the Productivity Purge, please follow this link:


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