Throughout life we all experience a time where we reconnect with an old friend or significant other. Sometimes the two of you lost touch because of distance. Sometimes a bad experience tore the two of you apart. And sometimes, it’s simply because the effort to keep the bond alive has vanished. It happens. In life, many people are brought to us. Some people are mere fleeting ideas, and some individuals seem to stick around for a long time. I believe in God. I believe He has a plan. I believe in following your heart and intuition. So, for the special individuals who stay in your life or are brought back to it, there is a reason.

College has brought me extraordinary experiences and friendships that have sculpted who I’ve become. I have met many wonderful and beautiful people. The connections I’ve made with each and every one of them will last me a lifetime.

The hardest part about reconnecting with someone is rebuilding the lost friendship. You wish you could pick up from where you left off. However it’s not that easy. It takes effort from both ends. But what’s great about this, is if the relationship is worth it, it will happen. The ice will be broken. The bond will be restored.

During this phase, the key quality to remember is patience. The two of you may click, but you also might not. Be prepared for either consequence and trust your judgment.


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