Do advertisements annoy you?

Do advertisements annoy you?

I’m sure I can guess how most of you would answer this question.  However, let’s consider the reason advertisements annoy you.

Don’t advertisements all seem the same?

They blend together and create an annoying spectrum of endless sales pitches meant to entertain, inform and entice you.  They interrupt you when you watch TV, listen to free-streaming music, read magazines and even as you wait at a bus top.  Ads are everywhere.  We’re bombarded everyday by attempts to pull you in and turn you into a loyal customer.

However, we’ve almost become numb to an advertisement’s effect.  Society may see the ads but do they actually watch, read or understand them?  Do we even try anymore?

For an ad to gain attention it must be presented to the right crowd of people in need of the product or service.  Even if these individuals don’t necessarily “need” what you’re selling, the ad should attempt to change their minds.

Dull, meaningless ads aren’t enough anymore.  They aren’t doing anything!  Advertisements need to evolve in order to appeal to the masses.  Let’s not make ads, let’s make movements.

Make ads that stand out.  For example, check out Coke’s latest ad campaign titled “Happiness Is Movement.”  The video features beautifully crafted wooden puppets that run, jump and move with surprising ease.



Doesn’t that grab your attention?

Create an ad that colorfully tells a story.  Let’s tap in to the audience’s heartstrings and find meaning behind what you want to sell.

Read more here: 




Check out this reverse graffiti art work. GImagereen Works natural cleaners washed away dirt and soot leaving a naturescape that is still visible even a year later.  They’ve ingeniously used the Broadway Tunnel in San Fransisco as their canvas to create an example of how powerful their product is.

View more reverse graffiti art here:





Most of us need a pick-me-up to start each day, especially if you’re spending your morning waiting at an airport. A South African coffee company Douwe Egberts wanted to do something different. Instead of the usual vending machine, they decided to place a unique coffee vending machine at the O.R. Tambo International Airport, “where people most needed a coffee”.  The machine dispensed free coffee only if someone yawned at it.

See more here:

Ads like these get recognition.  They generate consumer interest.  They entertain, inform and entice you. They work.


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