Seeking Inspiration

Each day, I strive to find meaning and inspiration. I look to many places to find this. Normally, inspiration finds you, whether that be with your family, friends, professors, coworkers or even random strangers. People and new faces reach out and touch your heart every day.

I’m a strong believer in living a balanced life and taking time to enjoy the little things. Here’s one of my favorite Henry David Thoreau quotes:

“How vain is it to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live.” – Henry David Thoreau

Another place I look to feel inspired is from one of my favorite poets, Pat Cegan. I subscribe to her blog and read her poems and short stories every day. Her soul breathes through her words and I look forward to reading each post. Here’s a link to her WordPress blog:

Here’s a little taste:

The Collective Dream
There is a creative
Force in the collective
desires of mankind. Our
thoughts, like radio waves,
go out to merge with the
like energy of others. This
Force of intention attracts
what is needed to materialize.
To reverse a negative situation,
we must change what is creating it–
the source of its power.
Our thoughts are so much more
powerful than we realize. We
must discipline our minds to
stay focused on what we wish to
create. When we dull our minds
with anger, idle chatter, selfish
desires, over-indulgence, we
dilute this Force of creation
and live watered-down lives
of despair.

I believe it’s important for each and everyone of us to find meaning in the every day. Have I inspired you? Where do you find your inspiration? Share your thoughts with me and comment on this post 🙂


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