40 Ways to Take a Break

just breathe

Sometimes we fill our calendars with so many obligations, we tend to burn ourselves out. But hey, we’re busy. We have work, household chores, social activities, homework, practice, and many other things to do. When we finally have some downtime, we’re too tired to do anything but sleep. I like to stay active and have side projects outside of my work. A couple things I like to do is blog for KSDJ 90.7, this blog and research advertising, copywriting, digital marketing strategies and creativity. But when I reach that point where my work brain begins to “turn down (for what)” I start to panic.

I ask myself questions like, “Am I really tired right now?” or “What else can I get done?” Or I tell myself to make a to-do list. Instead of caving in to my desire to remain motivated, I’ve been allowing myself some break time. So I compiled a to-do list of things to consider when your schedule opens up. Hope you find some of these ideas helpful 🙂

  1. Take a bath.
  2. Light a candle.
  3. Meditate.
  4. Read a book.
  5. Listen to a guided relaxation.
  6. Take a deep belly breath.
  7. Write in a journal.
  8. Walk outside.
  9. Go for a run.
  10. Stretch it out.
  11. Eat a meal in silence.
  12. Turn off all electronics.
  13. Take a bike ride.
  14. Go to a park.
  15. Drive somewhere new.
  16. Examine an everyday object with fresh eyes.
  17. Color with crayons.
  18. Paint on a surface other than paper.
  19. Write a poem.
  20. Climb a tree.
  21. Pet a furry creature (or friend).
  22. Go to a farmers market.
  23. Read poetry.
  24. Take a coffee break.
  25. Join a yoga class.
  26. Engage in a small act of kindness.
  27. Put on some music and dance.
  28. Give thanks.
  29. View some artwork.
  30. Smell relaxing scents.
  31. Meander around town.
  32. Call a friend.
  33. Sit in nature.
  34. Watch the clouds.
  35. Rest your legs up on a wall.
  36. Listen to music.
  37. Take a nap.
  38. Fly a kite.
  39. Write a letter.
  40. Watch the stars.

Combine a couple of these ideas for an ultimate relaxation combo! Now, how do you relax? Comment below!


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