Welcome to my blog. Here you will find morsels of content meant to sidetrack you. Curiosity is a powerful muse and I love to share where it takes me. Every week, I’ll have something new to look at. But what should you expect? And why would you want to come back? Glad you asked!

If you enjoy music, books, copywriting, digital marketing, or anything similar, then you’ve come to the right blog. With a broad compilation of topics, it’s easier to search by keywords for what you’re interested in. So I’ve tagged each post to make your experience an enjoyable and efficient one.

Follow me on Twitter for updates on recent posts. Also, look for reposts on my Tumblr page, if that platform matches your preferences better.

About the Blogger

I’m Rachel Speiser. I have a degree in advertising and minors in art and marketing. Currently I work at Daktronics as a multimedia intern. Copywriting, digital strategy, social media and blogging are a few of my specialties.

I use this blog to catalog my inspiration and latest discoveries. Inspiration can come from everywhere, and I consider this space to be a personal landfill of new knowledge and interesting ideas. As you’ve read, I write about music, books and advertising. I also like to sprinkle in quotes, a dash of artwork, and tidbits of humor!

I love to connect with others, so please add me to your social media platforms to continue the communication. Do you have a Tumblr, Twitter, or WordPress account? I’d love to follow you! 🙂


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